S03 Citrus Essential Oil, 10 ml

Refreshing, Harmonious Aroma Creates Vibrant Atmosphere

Expand the senses and open the mind with the fresh, vibrant, tangy scent of the Bloomy Lotus® Citrus Essential Oil. Easily one of the most recognized scents due to its refreshing, uplifting aroma, this essential oil instantly revitalizes both the space and spirit. Ideal for refreshing the air in any room while creating a positive, invigorating atmosphere, this citrus oil merges the benefits of powerful essences from a unique, harmonious blend everyone loves to breathe in. Cold pressed. ECOCERT and USDA Organic certified. 10 ml.



• Fresh, stimulating scent
• Perfect for transforming any space to feel truly clean and refreshed


Add 3-4 drops to a favorite Bloomy Lotus diffuser to create a positive, relaxing atmosphere.



*Lemon Essential Oil *Certified Organic by ECOCERT and USDA Organic Standards

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