Kids01 Concentration Essential Oil, 10 ml

Blended to Inspire Creativity & Focus

Ideal for children, the Bloomy Lotus® Concentration Essential Oil offers the optimal support when distractions are high. Formulated with alertness and clarity in mind, this oil offers a calming and balancing aroma that’s perfect when focus is needed. Specially formulated with little ones in mind, Bloomy Lotus Kid’s Essential Oil blends feature unique, therapeutically balanced ingredients to provide powerful benefits for developing minds, bodies, and emotions while being gentle on delicate skin. Create a supportive, positive environment for enhanced creativity and focus by adding 3-4 drops to a favorite Bloomy Lotus JungleFUN Aroma Diffuser. ECOCERT and USDA Organic certified. 10 ml.



• Gentle, uplifting scent
• Ideal for those moments when focus or creativity are needed



*Petitgrain, *Bergamot, *Cedarwood Atlas, *Pink Grapefruit, *Lavender, *Vetiver *Certified Organic by ECOCERT and USDA Organic Standards

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