A diffuser unlike any other...
I LOVE my bud diffuser. It's beautiful, has great coverage, and leaves my whole living room feeling fresh and relaxed.
Kara M., verified customer

Bud Ultrasonic Diffuser

Space Gray
  • Long misting times & extensive coverage
  • Calming ambient lighting
  • Minimal form & compact size

Bloomy Lotus® - Bud Aroma Diffuser

How to Use

Inspired by nature, the Bloomy Lotus Bud Ultrasonic Diffuser is a study in innovative design paired with high-performance technology. Its design was inspired by the initial form of flowers that conceal the secret of life transformation. Like a lotus growing from a leaf, it resembles an outgrowth of life in a new, elegant form—pure and untainted. The mirrored base of the Bud acts like a pond, reflecting the lotus flower while the warm lights exude a layer of mystery. Designed to blend seamlessly with your home or office decor, the stylish unit features a special protective coating and a metal base. BPA-free. Space Grey.

The Bud Ultrasonic Diffuser silently diffuses a pure, fragrant mist into the air while emitting a warm color-changing glow from the integrated LED light, promoting an atmosphere of complete serenity.

The powerful ultrasonic atomization features a large water tank, allowing the dispersion of relaxing scents over a generous interior area, making it ideal for larger spaces.

The Bud also features a 2- or 5-hour continuous operation mode with 10-hour interval timing and an auto safety setting to let you relax at bedtime and wake up feeling refreshed.

Dimensions: 5.9" W x 9" H
Water reservoir capacity:
5.7 fl. oz.
Diffuser type:
Safety settings:
Automatic shut-off function when the diffuser detects the water is empty or when it is tipped over.

Runtime options: 2H, 5H, 10H (with intermittent 5 min ON/OFF)

Coverage area / room size: 485 sq. ft.  

LED lighting options: Light Blue, Candlelight, Purple, Green

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