B01 Breathe Essential Oil, 10 ml

Calming & Cleansing to Inspire Relaxation 

Breathe easy with the customized Bloomy Lotus® Breathe Essential Oil. Designed specifically to promote a peaceful, tranquil state of mind, this mixture is ideal for encouraging deep breathing. This oil is also a great choice for children when used alongside the JungleFUN Aroma Diffuser. Add 3-4 drops to a favorite Bloomy Lotus diffuser at nighttime to calm the mind and promote a peaceful end to any day. ECOCETICO and USDA Organic certified. 10 ml.


• Relaxing, cleansing scent
• Ideal for bedrooms 



*Lavender, *Marjoram, *Patchouli, *Mandarin, *Geranium Bourbon, *Chamomile Roman *Certified Organic by ECOCETICO and USDA Organic Standards

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